You must be registered in order to participate in any of the 2017 NCTA Celebration activities, whether you are volunteering, presenting, receiving an award, or just coming to enjoy it all – $40 for the full 3 days, $30 for any two days, or just $20 for any one day.

Just found out that the Wildcat Den will also be open on Sunday morning, July 30 for breakfast as well. Although you cannot sign up to have breakfast through our registration, you can just go from 7:00 am – 9:00 am and pay cash or credit card to have an all you can eat breakfast for $7.25 for adults or $4.25 for children. 

Registration is now open. Before you go to  to register, use this Registration Page to mark your choices for lodging, meals, hikes, break-outs, and non-hiking activities. Then when you do the electronic registration it will be easy to mark your choices and get signed up quickly.

If you plan to stay in the dorms at NMU and you want to share your room, be sure to identify who you wish to share with. If you want to share a suite of two rooms with a Jack & Jill bathroom, contact with the name(s) of your preferred suite mates. Those who do not identify preferred room mates and suite mates will be assigned suite mates. You may have a room to yourself if so desired, just do not identify a room mate. You will, however, have suite mates even if you room alone.

If  you have children coming with you, they stay in the dorms with you at no cost but it is one parent, one child. If you have more than one per parent, please contact We’ll figure something out.

Children get discounts on breakfasts, $4.25 vs adults for $7.25 and evening buffet dinners at $10 vs $25 for adults.

And, if you plan to camp or stay in a motel, B&B, or short term rental, get your reservations made as soon as possible. See the Lodging tab for more information. There are lots of activities that weekend in Marquette so places are filling up quickly.

Map of Northern Michigan University with Hunt Hall (dorm headquarters) and the University Center (Celebration headquarters) identified.  Hunt Hall to UC

Any questions, contact